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What is a Education For Life?

Your journey to financial freedom starts with the 21st Century Homestudy Program or the 2 Day Education for Life Seminar.

Do you believe you are capable of more than what you’re currently producing physically, emotionally & financially?

If so then apply to join us at this life changing event that can be the catalyst for your rapid advancement in all areas of your life!

At the 2 Day Education for Life Seminar, learn leading edge financial & personal strategies and develop the mindset of those who outperform. You may desire a new house, thriving business, steady income, travel, charity work, anything. Encompassing one’s complete transformation – mentally, emotionally and financially, the 2 Day Education for Life Seminar teaches you what we should have been taught at school but weren’t, ultimately giving you the power to create your own destiny. Why settle for less? When you know deep down you were born with a purpose and destiny for greater things.

The 2 Day Education For Life Seminar is your opportunity to develop the mindset required to excel in the 21st Century plus it will open your eyes to the latest, most cutting-edge positive cashflow investment strategies available. Designed for you to develop a true EDUCATION FOR LIFE, you will learn from Jamie McIntyre and a team of expert guest speakers, that will teach you the strategies to excel in the 21st Century.

No theory, no nonsense at the 2 Day Education for Life Seminar you will also learn about real life lessons from those who started with nothing but excelled.

How to potentially earn a 6 figure income by blogging
Learning about future trends and how to profit from them
How to earn while you learn
How you could make $30,000 within 90 – 180 days from just one simple strategy that the average Australian can use, and also covered in major TV shows
How to avoid the mistakes that cause most people to fail financially
Develop the mindset required to become a millionaire
Tax minimisation strategies used by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs
Powerful Australian & U.S. property investing strategies taught step by step by the experts!
How to build second and third incomes
How to generate passive income (money that can come in while you are sleeping – the ultimate goal of any investor)
How the average Australian that is paying off a house can replace their income within 90 – 180 days from one simple stock market strategy


What do you have to look forward to?

Day 1

Prepare For a Massive Change

Put your life into TURBO CHARGE as Jamie McIntyre presents live and helps you to understand the forces that control everything you think, every emotion you experience and every action you take

Jamie is all about getting you to act now and eliminate procrastination from your life forever to ensure progress towards your dreams

Discover your life’s true purpose as you plane your mission in life.
Discover the shortcut to success; reframe what you link pain and pleasure to, remove internal conflict and begin naturally gravitating in the direction of your dreams.
Break through fear and forever think differently.
Develop a new financial conscious and awareness.
Find yourself immensely more appreciative and grateful for your life and loved ones, and ultimately living a more fulfilled life.
Learn leading edge financial strategies including how to minimise your tax and protect your assets
Learn how you can model the mindset and psychology of extraordinary successful people to produce far greater financial results with less effort
Become emotionally intelligent and take control of your life.
Learn financial and emotional intelligence and ensure you not only achieve financial success but achieve sustainable long term fulfilment as well.
Learn how to legally minimise tax and protect your assets
Learn the strategies to get the banks to lend you the money to invest.
Learn how to invest in the US Property Market

Day 2

Evaluate Your Current Approach

Discover your deepest human needs and how to meet them at a higher level. Implement the 8 key steps to getting started on your path to long-term success and financial abundance.

Discover your deepest human needs and how to meet them at a higher level.
Learn the key to achieving more and working less. Re-work your career to no longer be chained to a desk, freeing up your lifestyle even before you become a millionaire.
See what it takes to become wealthy as you implement the 8 key steps to getting started on the path to millionaire.
Learn specific cash flow strategies for – this is one of the most exciting sessions of the event as some participants will discover they can make more money monthly by the last day of the seminar that from a full time job.
Learn Real Estate strategies so you don’t have to rely on just one method and find the most suitable investing opportunities to meet your individual investment goals.
Learn what is likely to happen ahead of time from Jamie’s economic and property market update. Discover what his latest predictions are and how to profit from them.
Learn how to invest in the US Property Market
Learn how to make $100,000 per annum from blogging.
Learn how to make $1 million net worth in ten years from most used financial formula 21st Century Members have used over 16 years.
Learn how to accelerate this strategy whereby almost everyone in the room can make instant extra cash flow without outlaying a cent and how this strategy makes Jamie $15,000 – $20,000 extra a month as soon as he tested it.
Learn how to have a millionaire’s lifestyle inside 12 months without the need to become a millionaire. This can produce instant lifestyle results and requires zero financial outlay.
Learn from 3 additional speakers during the day before Jamie wraps up the event followed by drinks and photo opportunities

Conference Main Points

Your Dreams are NOT out of Reach

Designed By Jamie McIntyre, the Education for Life Program can show you not only how to gain your financial footing but also grow, sustain and accelerate your personal finances

It’s Time to Invest in Yourself

21st Century’s Education for Life Program is your ticket to financial freedom. Whether you’re just starting out as a new investor at the most basic level and looking at how to get started with successful investing, or already achieving significant financial success and eager to learn about sophisticated tools for accelerating your results

Learn from the Experts

At 21st Century Education, you’ll have the opportunity to profit from some of the same beliefs and distinctions used by some of the wealthiest people in Australia, New Zealand and the World

Learn to Make an Income Whilst You Sleep

The goal of this program is to help you achoieveRegardless of your age or current situation, financial freedom is attainable and also sustainable. The goal of this program is to help you achieve a financial position where your newly developed passive income, exceeds your current income. This will give you certainty you can maintain or increase your current standard of living without the need to work.

Discover Asset Protection

At 21st Century Education you’ll learn how to safeguard your investment for life, discovering unique ways that sho you how you can legally minimise yopur tax.


Does the government need to rethink its attitude towards financial education seminars, considering the large number of success stories?


Over the last 17 years, the financial education industry has grown largely from market leaders such as 21st Century Education and its array of speakers.

These seminars have featured many former students of its programs and also speakers invited to Australia for its large Financial Education Summits- such as Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tim Ferris and amongst others.

The recently reported RTO college rorts have cost the government over $ 1 billion with completion rates as low as 2.4%, and not to mention, unmotivated and poorly skilled students. Considering the above factors, the financial education industry has cost the government no funding and produced highly motivated attendees who have invested out of their own pocket- not for a certification, but for a real life valuable education.

Sadly, the mainstream media often focuses on the small percentage of complaints and ignores the huge array of success stories.

The ABC ran articles stating that dozens have lost money from 21st Century Education and Jamie McIntyre’s courses.

However, it failed to highlight that of the 550,000 that have attended his seminars, watched his courses or read his books online, only less than 0.5% have made complaints.

Many have become self-made millionaires over the last 17 years, thousands have learnt to invest safely in property and shares, many have boosted their incomes from up skilling and many more have started businesses.

One example of a success story, which Fairfax owned AFR ran on its front page was of Mark McDonald. Appster founders Mark McDonald and Josiah Humphrey started their successful business at 18 and 19 respectively by renting an office in Melbourne’s Rialto towers. The two entrepreneurs, now 23 and 24 respectively, are BRW Young Rich list’s youngest debutants with a combined wealth of $58 million AUD.

Four years ago McDonald attended a financial education seminar conducted by Jamie McIntyre and also sent in a testimony stating how the seminar inspired him to acquire office space in Rialto Towers since McIntyre emphasised the importance of work environment. His income had doubled in a short period of time after doing the seminar, namely due to a mindset shift around allowing more wealth into his life and taking massive action and not accepting that he was too young to be successful. It’s been four years and now he is worth $58 million at 23, employs over 250 staff and is building a billion dollar company.

Fairfax, have run a concerted smear campaign against McIntyre since he launched his own political party in 2013 and launched a national newspaper that has exposed the dodgy practices by Fairfax . The publishing company it seems had no idea that it was featuring one of the many success stories emerging from McIntyre’s programs.

McIntyre said, “it’s common sense that if more young Australians had access to the right type of education and mentors with a PhD in results who don’t accept excuses, instead of our 19th century outdated school education taught by those with a PhD in theory and often with a socialist victim mentality, we could become the start up nation of the world.

“With the right education, we as a nation will become more productive, efficient and happier. Emotional and financial intelligence should be mandatory in the school curriculum and so should entrepreneurship.

“We could become a start up nation if we could only get more intelligent politicians into positions of power”.

After a Senate Hearing recently, McIntyre said he was appalled at the lack of financial intelligence of the two Senators, their deep-rooted ignorance, and arrogance and prejudice.

He said, what hope do the young have if this is the example our Senators set?

McIntyre said he is very hopeful of the country’s future with our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“Finally, we have a self made man with intelligence and statesman like qualities who understands we need to cultivate and produce more entrepreneurs to become an innovative and successful nation that doesn’t just rely on the luck of having a lot of natural resources to create our wealth.

“We need more entrepreneurs in politics. However, unfortunately it’s worth noting how the left wing media attack people like myself for entering politics. It seems they don’t want entrepreneurs and future politicians to expose the dodgy union agendas that are corrupting one side of politics in this country and stifling our economic growth whilst ripping off the workers.

“I like what Richard Branson said, ‘it’s rarely governments that change the world, it’s usually entrepreneurs”.

Even Einstein said- Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.”

McIntyre goes on to explain:

“Neither courage nor intellectual self-advocacy (or social justice for that matter) are taught in mainstream education. This, I think is largely due to the increasing colonisation of Western culture by neo-liberal ideology. It takes a courageous individual to force people out of believing in what they’ve been ‘trained’ to understand.

“Maybe it’s time our politicians got their act together, got educated, and stopped preventing innovation thus allowing our youth to access a modern 21st Century education”.

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Seminar Location

5th and 6th December 2015

Just two of many success stories to come out of the Seminar…

“I was awarded one of your Youth Scholarships for 21st Century about 2 weeks agao and I just wanted to say thank you and tell you EXACTLY what results I have gotten so far. Using you idea of having ‘perfect’ environment to work from lead me to negotiate a 12 month lease on the 21st floor of the Rialto Towers with amazing views of the city – and I am pretty sure I am the only 18 year old with an office there. I’ve been using your Pain and Pleasure concept to change my state, overcome procrastination and get more done. I’ve taken my income from and average $500-$1,000 a week to $6,700 this week as I have been more directed, focused on getting more customers and clients instead of sitting in my comfort zone. My business is growing fast”

Mark McDonald

“10 years ago I did the Homestudy Course that 21st Century had and with as little as $3,000 I started trading and in 2 months turned this $20,000 into $50,000 the next month. Now I pull out of the market each week using this $50,000 bank average $40,000. If I had a bank of $150,000 the weekly turn over would be in the vicinity of minimum $80,000 -$150,000 to a trader who has a at least 2 – 3 years experience. Just want to thank Jamie for awakening the Entrepreneur in me that was laying dormant before I did the Homestudy Course”

Vern Taikato