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2016/12/03 08:30:00

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What is a Education For Life?

Jamie-344x400Your journey to financial freedom starts with the 21st Century Homestudy Program or the 2 Day Education for Life Seminar.

Do you believe you are capable of more than what you’re currently producing physically, emotionally & financially?

If so then apply to join us at this life changing event that can be the catalyst for your rapid advancement in all areas of your life!

At the 2 Day Education for Life Seminar, learn leading edge financial & personal strategies and develop the mindset of those who outperform. You may desire a new house, thriving business, steady income, travel, charity work, anything. Encompassing one’s complete transformation – mentally, emotionally and financially, the 2 Day Education for Life Seminar teaches you what we should have been taught at school but weren’t, ultimately giving you the power to create your own destiny. Why settle for less? When you know deep down you were born with a purpose and destiny for greater things.

The 2 Day Education For Life Seminar is your opportunity to develop the mindset required to excel in the 21st Century plus it will open your eyes to the latest, most cutting-edge positive cashflow investment strategies available. Designed for you to develop a true EDUCATION FOR LIFE, you will learn from Jamie McIntyre and a team of expert guest speakers, that will teach you the strategies to excel in the 21st Century.

No theory, no nonsense at the 2 Day Education for Life Seminar you will also learn about real life lessons from those who started with nothing but excelled.

  • Learning about future trends and how to profit from them
  • How to earn while you learn
  • How you could make $30,000 within 90 – 180 days from just one simple strategy that the average Australian can use, and also covered in major TV shows
  • How to avoid the mistakes that cause most people to fail financially
  • Develop the mindset required to become a millionaire
  • Tax minimisation strategies used by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs
  • Powerful Australian & U.S. property investing strategies taught step by step by the experts!
  • How to build second and third incomes
  • How to generate passive income (money that can come in while you are sleeping – the ultimate goal of any investor)
  • How the average Australian that is paying off a house can replace their income within 90 – 180 days from one simple stock market strategy

Your Next Education For Life Seminar
Will Be In Melbourne
at the Bayview Eden
on the 3rd and 4th December 2016

Or take advantage of this 87.5% discount to become a Member

Don’t want to become a member at this time?
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Past Speakers

Jamie McIntyre
Jamie McIntyre

Eric Bailey
Eric Bailey

Tania Zaetta
Tania Zaetta

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lou Harty
Lou Harty


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Just two of many success stories to come out of the Seminar…

  • 10 years ago I did the Homestudy Course that 21st Century had and with as little as $3,000 I started trading and in 2 months turned this $20,000 into $50,000 the next month. Now I pull out of the market each week using this $50,000 bank average $40,000. If I had a bank of $150,000 the weekly turn over would be in the vicinity of minimum $80,000 -$150,000 to a trader who has a at least 2 – 3 years experience. Just want to thank Jamie for awakening the Entrepreneur in me that was laying dormant before I did the Homestudy Course

    Vern Taikato
  • "I was awarded one of your Youth Scholarships for 21st Century about 2 weeks agao and I just wanted to say thank you and tell you EXACTLY what results I have gotten so far. Using you idea of having ‘perfect’ environment to work from lead me to negotiate a 12 month lease on the 21st floor of the Rialto Towers with amazing views of the city – and I am pretty sure I am the only 18 year old with an office there. I’ve been using your Pain and Pleasure concept to change my state, overcome procrastination and get more done. I’ve taken my income from and average $500-$1,000 a week to $6,700 this week as I have been more directed, focused on getting more customers and clients instead of sitting in my comfort zone. My business is growing fast" (Note . Mark has gone on to build a business turning over $20 million per annum and is featured in many press articles.
    It's been 4 years and now he is worth over $58 million employs over 250 staff and is building a billion dollar company)

    Mark McDonald
  • “The only speaker in Australia that can speak on creating wealth in property, the stock market, business and internet business. Many can specialise in one discipline, but only a true financial master can create wealth from many disciplines.”

    Wealth Creator Magazine
  • “Jamie McIntyre is one of Australia’s most forward thinking educators and a fantastic teacher!”

    Dale Beaumont, Creator of the Secrets Exposed Series
  • Hi Jamie,
    "It has been a year and half since we purchased your Homestudy. When we watched the free DVD we were convinced that something needed to change in our lives and even though it seemed like a lot of money to spend at the time we thought doing nothing would cost us a lot more in the long run.
    Even though it was a struggle to pay for the Homestudy it was the best money we have ever spent (EVER). We attended the 4 Day, Gold Coast Seminar in November 2008. Since then our lives have totally changed. There has been so many opportunities open to us that we didn’t even know existed.
    One of our biggest goals was to retire from a J.O.B. (Just On Broke). At age 28 and after a year and half of purchasing your Homestudy we have both sacked our employers and have retired from a job!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!!
    I would not hesitate to recommend anyone purchase your Homestudy - it has been the best investment we have made!!!I wanted to send this letter to say THANK YOU!!!!! If it wasn’t for you wanting to help others this would not be possible. You are one incredible person to dedicate your time to help others achieve their goals and to make the impossible possible. Words can’t describe the gratitude and appreciation we both feel towards what you have given to us."

    Juliet Kahrilas
  • "My family and I have been through some major life changing events. I had a very serious accident on Christmas eve 2006 and was made redundant in 2007.
    My wife and I swapped roles, where I now look after our two beautiful daughters while she works. My search for contribution brought me to 21st Century Education. As a family, we have stepped out of our comfort zone and embraced life.21st Century Education has not only shown me the way to financial freedom, but has also enabled me to knock down my self imposed barriers.
    I have made goals for myself, two of those goals are:1. Reduce the significance that money has on my life.2. Help my mother find financial freedom as she approaches her retirement years. Mastering the mindset is the key to success in all aspects of life. I have taken the knowledge I have learned at 21st Century Education and put it into action. My journey to success has now begun.
    A very big thank you to Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Education. I look forward to sharing my journey with you."

    Ross Brydon
  • "Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration. I did your course 3 years ago and escaped the rat race in February this year. I owe you a beer."

    Brad Cusworth
  • "Mr Jamie McIntyre: I just wanted to thank you once again for the 21st Century Homestudy Scholarship program. I can't believe with the value information, services, expertise and educational benefits and program you can make it all Free and possible.
    With great length and depth. Love, Respect and Appreciation (Tommy T)"

    Tommy T
  • "Keep up all the Great Work Jamie, I am a big fan of your work and your methods. The world needs more people like yourself. Big Thinkers, Realistic Thinkers"

    Kasey Peck